“My passion for flowers started when I was a young girl, growing up in the countryside in Durango. I would spend days running around the orchards. There was something so real and captivating about them; how a rose would stand out in a crowd, how the branches of a tree bent, or how a sunflower grew in the middle of the highway. Flowers felt special and sincere. They felt like they were joyful and restless and beautiful. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to them. 

Several years later, I moved to Guadalajara, where I started doing floral arrangements for my friends’ parties and events. I was the quick-fixer, the girl to go to in a moment of desperation. “Yes, I can sell you flowers! Sure, I can make you a bouquet!” I taught myself how to design centerpieces and eventually began organizing weddings. I basically did everything, from the floral design to the tastings to the service coordination. I had an old refrigerator where I stored everything and basically lived in my car. Even though I was having a lot of fun, I knew I wanted more.

Years later, I moved to Cabo and started a company with my husband.  We expanded our services and began planning weddings for bigger clients. But something was missing, my profession lacked a great amount of passion. I felt I had so much to offer creatively and yet, my insecurities were holding me back. It took me years to find my voice, but when that moment came it felt  so true to me, so true to who I was. After that, my entire perception shifted. I stopped seeing myself as a producer and started seeing myself as an artist. 

My creativity blossomed and I realized I could get inspired in everything nature had to offer me; gardens, forests, and landscapes turned into an obsession. Capturing the essence behind nature and turning it into a wedding concept became one of my goals in life. Immediately I was transported back to my childhood. Now I realize that what attracted me the most about flowers growing up was that they were perfect in their imperfections, that they were living, breathing things, always evolving and growing. Just like me… and just like life itself.” 

Lola del Campo. 

The Team

Owner & Creative Director

Lola del Campo

Lola is the curious and passionate creative mind behind each wedding. Her approach is down-to-earth, elegant, and deeply personal. She brings a unique perspective and authenticity to each project, vibrating with our clients to create the ideal look and feel. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, and culture, she takes the essence behind each couple to conceive unique interpretations that are as timeless as they are sophisticated.

Wedding & Event Senior Planner


Elsa is our lead event planner. Her background with children, her impeccable organization skills, as well as her friendly, transparent, and always open communication, make her the perfect problem-solver. Supervising the entire logistics, from itinerary to catering to transportation, she makes sure everything runs according to plan. Deep down, Elsa is a true romantic who believes there’s something eternal and transcendent behind each wedding.

Wedding Planner

Fernanda López Gilling

Fernanda knows exactly how to work her magic by making your dreams come to life. Her honesty, dedication, and empathy are always at the service of our costumers. Wether it’s coordinating logistics or guiding our team, Fernanda’s calm demeanor, great organization skills, and endless creativity, are the driving force behind every single one of our adventures. She’s our team spirit, an amazingly intuitive leader, and a master of creative solutions.

Wedding Planner


Sofia, is always one step ahead of everything. She’s sensitive and skillful when it comes to designing & Planning, With flawless execution and joyful leadership, she uses color and textures to create rich and atmospheric compositions. For Sofia, the only thing more satisfying than watching everything come together on your wedding day is exceeding your expectations.


For us, our studio is where the real magic happens. And quite frankly, our best ideas come when we’re in our own little private garden indoors. We believe this space not only reflects nature, but it’s also a comfortable and inviting setting to meet, design, and teach our workshops. We’re sure you’ll find great inspiration here too. 


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There’s so much beauty in restraint, which is why we embrace colors, details, and layers that never feel overdone. 

For us, our studio is where the real magic happens. And quite frankly, our best ideas come when we’re in our own little private garden indoors.


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