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Hello, I am here to tell you how special Brittney & Charlie’s wedding was to me. Back in time, I have been going through a very significant moment in my life, many changes and doubts; my professional evolution asked me to take a step further. Shut down «Florenta Flower Design»  to become «Lola del Campo Wedding Planning & Design Studio» | Mexican Boho Style Wedding |
Still, with lot of uncertainty and of course plenty of questionsI was asking life if it was a good idea to leave behind 10 years of hard work to start this new project, I was sited on a plane with my family, about to take off to Cabo, when I got this call. I still remember it like it was yesterday; «Hi, this is Kimberly. We are planning my daughter‘s wedding, and we need a florist and a wedding planner, can we meet? We are leaving tomorrow. » At that moment, I told her: «Yesmeet me in two hours. | Mexican Boho Style Wedding |
I was very excited during the whole flight. I got off the planetook my husband & children, and head to go meet them.


Sitting at the beachI told them about my concerns as I’d just started planning my own weddings. But that with all my knowledge of the industrymy skills as a florist and designer, if they put their trust in my workI would not let them down; I would do everything and more to create a flawless wedding. AND I DID.

On a personal level, I consider myself a woman who likes to take RISKS that come with my evolution. Without experience as a wedding planner, my golden couple put their trust in me to Plan their union.

"For this beautiful reason, Brittney Charley and Kimberly will be always in my heart"

Starting with the planning and designI knew I took the right decision. Taking care of all the little details, colorstextures, ceremony layouts, reception layouts, venue rentals, curated vendors, everything just blossomed inside me.

Brittney and Charlie are bohemian lovers, the first thing Brittney told me was to do pampas everywhere, so I spice things up with a sexy black accent. We went for the neutral color scheme very trendy still and makes it look super modern. So to me, I did my first bohemian yet modern wedding design.

The ceremony was designed as a horseshoe arch, 9 feet tall, filled with 800 hundred pampas and lots of flowers.

The reception layout was done with imperial tables layout that seated 20 guests on each. We did all the rentals though my sister company let it be events. We had flatware, glassware, napkin, and plates to level up the table. Plus of course, the gorgeous floral design across the table along with the candlelight. Peacock chairs for the bride and groom, velvet sofa lounge for the guest and let’s do not forget about the donkey during the cocktail hour.

In conclusions, I am so proud of myself, and I will rave about this wedding my whole life. I got to meet great people and of coursesucceed in my own expectations. My very first wedding as a Planner Designer and Florist! What a ride And the best part of all is that I can call them friends now.

| Mexican Boho Style Wedding | Thank you for reading me. Your great friend Lola Del Campo.


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